Piper PA-28 Archer II

Piper PA-28

For Piper, the PA 28 was an absolute revolution: for the first time an aircraft was introduced which did not consist of tubular rods and cloth, but was entirely made of metal! The Cherokee is a touring aircraft for 4 people and happens to be the second most popular airplane with more than 43,000 copies built. Only her fiercest rival, the Cessna 172, has been built more often. The maiden flight took place in 1960. Like the Cessna, the PA-28 remains in production to date .

Early versions of the Piper PA 28 can be identified by missing a third side window, the wings have a rectangular shape that is reminiscent of a “Hershey Bar”, a popular type of chocolate.

Currently there are three different variants available: the 160PS entry level Warrior, the Archer 180 hp and the slightly longer 200PS Arrow. The data sheet refers to the medium model, the current Archer TX, which is probably the one most frequently encountered.

Compared to the older models, the Cherokee has hardly changed over the years. Of course, the current Piper has the usual Garmin glass cockpit, otherwise there surprisingly little differences to the early models . The decor is a little more spartan than Diamond or Cirrus. Fans of the series favor the Archer II, which has a very good performance due to its low weight.

Piper PA-28 Archer III Cockpit
Cockpit of a 1980 Piper PA-28 Archer III

Compared to the Cessna, the  Piper more powerful versions have the advantage of having a reasonable payload and being able to carry four passengers, their luggage and full tanks. The entry is easier, also you do not have to climb on top of the wings for refueling.

Also in flight the Piper PA-28 is clearly more comfortable: soundproofing is significantly better, the seats are comfortable and the aircraft is significantly richer in the air and vaguely reminiscent of an old Mercedes S-Class.

Those looking for an affordable and comfortable passenger aircraft, should look around for a PA 28-40: the 140 PS variant was initially offered as a two-seater and as a 2 + 2 for pilot training. It has the same cabin, offering identical comfort, only the cruise speed and payload are a bit lower. The engine is considered economical and durable and can also be operated with cheap car petrol, which is a great cost-saving advantage.


Piper PA-28 Technical Data


Wing Span



Cabin Width

10,80 m

7,32 m

2,20 m

1,01 m


Piper Aircraft, Inc. (USA), piper.com










160 PS

180 PS

200 PS


49 kt (88 km/h)


115 kt (207 km/h)

128 kt (230 km/h)

137 kt (247 km/h)

Start Roll

475 m

490 m

487 m

Climb Rate


3,3 m/s


Service Ceiling

14.100 ft

16.200 ft

Fuel Consumption


950 km

967 km

1.630 km

Empty Weight

510 kg

766 kg

816 kg


409 kg

395 kg

435 kg

Price as new

$290.000 (2010)


$434.275 (2010)

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