My first introductory flight in a Remos G3

Remos G3 Mirage on the apron

Through a hallway, Mr. B. guides me directly to the apron, a large asphalt square. A little farther behind I see two pumps sitting on a concrete area. “This is our own gas station”, Mr. B. says with a sense of pride. Next to one of the pumps, the Remos G3 has been parked in … Read moreMy first introductory flight in a Remos G3

Aerosoft Diamond Katana for FSX & Prepar3D

Aerosoft Diamond Katana for FSX

Review of the Aerosoft Diamond Katana As the weather isn’t really suitable for flying during Fall in Europe, you have the opportunity to keep your piloting skills up to date using the good old FSX flight simulator from Microsoft or it’s newer sister Prepar3D. There are thousands of interesting add-on aircraft available, and one of the most interesting … Read moreAerosoft Diamond Katana for FSX & Prepar3D

AirNav Pro for the iPad

AirNav Pro Screenshot

The solo flight gets closer, finally I will have to get a navigation program for the iPad – I really do not want to get lost in the traffic pattern during very first solo flight. Originally, I had already decided on Sky Demon, but there was one problem: while I considered Sky Demon to be the best program, available right now, it … Read moreAirNav Pro for the iPad